Set of 9 prints +1 extra in full-colour. Edition of 5.

First phase of the research for the book CRIME WAVE TEHRAN during 2016-2018.
Submitted photos from the Iranian criminal world, prison and sourced directly via the gangsters themselves.

In Iran, it’s taboo if one talks about crime or the existence of todays criminal organizations.
During my research, Iranians wrote me and told me that it was strange to live in Iran and not being aware of them.
I began with collecting gangsters their personal photos and analyzed their identity. By doing this, I learned a lot about their social behaviour. Such as that in most cases facial scars are given by a rival gang member to shame them for life.
This series is a tribute to those I followed during the making of my book. For those that passed away, behind bars or changed their life. I’ll immortalize them my way with this series.

Print set.jpg